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The Associaton for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) sebuah lembaga non-profit di Jepang mengadakan The Training Program on Commercial Arbitration for Asian Countries
The Associaton for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) sebuah lembaga non-profit di Jepang mengadakan The Training Program on Commercial Arbitration for Asian Countries yang ditujukan untuk profesi hukum di berbagai negara, salah satunya Indonesia. Program ini akan berlangsung selama 5 (lima) hari terhitung sejak tanggal 17 – 21 April 2005.

Pendaftaran terakhir diterima oleh AOTS tanggal 28 Februari 2006 melalui PERADI. Advokat yang berminat untuk mengikuti program ini dapat mengirimkan data-data yang dibutuhkan kepada sekretariat PERADI. Mengingat PERADI perlu untuk mengirimkan data yang lolos seleksi ke Panitia Pendaftaran AOTS di Jepang, maka berkas pendaftaran harus sudah diterima oleh Sekretariat PERADI paling lambat 14 Februari 2006 pukul 16.00 Waktu Indonesia Bagian Barat.

January 2006


Program Outline & Participation Requirements


The Training Program on Commercial Arbitration

for Asian Countries




17-21 April 2006

Tokyo, Japan



AOTS the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship is a non-profit association run with Japanese Government subsidies from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Since its establishment in 1959, AOTS has been conducting various technical and management training programs in Japan for the people of developing countries. The total number of participants in past AOTS training programs amounts to almost 115,000 from about 170 developing countries and regions. These former participants are playing very important roles in industry and contributing greatly to the economic development of their respective countries.


As companies are expanding their business on a global basis the role of commercial arbitration and lawyers specializing in this area are expected to become increasingly important, and developing countries in Asia are urgently needed to develop legal professionals versed in business law and be able to play a crucial role in the international business arena. In view of these circumstances, AOTS will organize a five-day program. This program aims to enable the participants to understand commercial arbitration system and to improve their specialized knowledge in this field.



1) Objectives:

The objectives of the program are to enable the participants to:

(1).        Understand international commercial arbitration, in greater depth

(2).        Understand the current situation of commercial arbitration in different countries

(3).        Promote their understanding of the current state of commercial arbitration development and the necessity of international cooperation


2) Duration:

The course lasts for 5 days, from 17 to 21 April 2006.


3) Contents:

(1).         System of international commercial arbitration and its legal principles

(2).         Progress and development of commercial arbitration in various countries

(3).         Roles of bar association and judicial system in Japan and other countries


A typical daily schedule consists of a 3-hour morning session and a 3-hour afternoon session. Some evening sessions may also be organized after dinner.


4) Language:

All lectures, discussions and visits will be conducted in English or Japanese with translation into English. In principle, the program documents and training materials will be prepared in English.


5) Number of Participants:

25 participants from Cambodia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam


6) Training Location and Accommodation:

The program will be held at the following AOTS Training Center.


AOTS Tokyo Kenshu Center (TKC)

30-1, Senju-azuma 1-chome, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-8534, Japan

Tel: 81-3-3888-8231 (Reception)        Fax: 81-3-3888-0763


7) Tentative Schedule:

Please refer to the Tentative Schedule on page 7.



1) Qualifications of Participants:

(1).         Participants should:

a)       be specialized in law (particularly in business and / or economic law)  (*Please note that those who work for companies associated with foreign companies are not eligible to participate in this program.)

b)       be playing a leading role in the legal community

c)       have at least three years¡¯ teaching or working experience as a legal professional

d)       be interested in the field of commercial arbitration system and intend to develop their career in this field

(2).         Participants should be between aged between 25 and 50 years of age.

(3).         Participants should be university graduates and/or have equivalent professional experience.

(4).         Participants should have a good command of spoken and written English.

(5).         Participants should be healthy enough to undergo an intensive training program in Japan.

(6).         Participants should not be students or armed forces personnel.

(7).         Participants should not have recently participated in an AOTS training program implemented in Japan. Those who have been awarded AOTS scholarship and returned to your country after 16 October 2005 are not eligible to apply for this training.


2) Terms and Conditions

Participants will be requested to confirm their agreement with the ¡°Notes for participants in AOTS training programs¡± laid down in accordance with the AOTS Scholarship Rules and Regulations, which include the following conditions:

(1).         Participants shall obtain a ¡°Training Visa¡± by submitting the invitation documents supplied by AOTS to the Japanese Embassy or consulate in their countries. AOTS may cancel the scholarship award of participants who enter Japan with the wrong kind of visa.

(2).         Tickets for air travel to and from Japan will be provided by AOTS. All participants are asked to ensure that they have made all the necessary arrangements on their side before starting their journey to Japan. A participant who is unable to enter Japan before the beginning of the course will lose his/her place. AOTS will arrange their flights for arrival in Japan one day before the course begins and for departure one day after the course ends. Participants are not allowed to change the route, class flight or date.

(3).         Participants shall not be accompanied by their family members to Japan during the course.

(4).         Participants shall not request AOTS to arrange, nor arrange by themselves, any additional program for themselves during or after the course.

(5).         Participants shall leave Japan and return home upon completion of the course in Japan according to the original schedule offered by AOTS.



AOTS training programs are financed by Official Development Assistance (ODA) subsidies from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).




1. Air Fare [Arrival in Japan: 16 April; Departure from Japan: 22 April. 2006]

A direct route round trip economy class air ticket between an international

airport specified by AOTS in participant¡¯s country and Japan will be arranged

and purchased by AOTS. Domestic transportation expenses in participant¡¯s country

are excluded.



2.¡¡Baggage Allowance


3. Personal Allowance in cash (6 days)



* from 16 April to 21 April 2006


@ 1,200 yen x 6 days



4. Accommodation and Meals, from 16 April to 21 April 2005 (6 days)



   (1) 16 April 2005 (Arrival Day)


Accommodation with dinner and breakfast of the next morning 

(7,900 yen/day equivalent in kind)



    (2) From 17 April to 21 April 2006 (5 days)



 Accommodation with lunch, dinner and breakfast of the next morning

 (8,700 yen/day equivalent in kind)


*AOTS training center canteens are closed on Sundays. The participants will receive 2,700 yen in cash per day for meals to cover this day.


5. Domestic Travel Allowance in Japan

Narita International Airport ¨C AOTS Tokyo Kenshu Center (TKC) 950 yen x 2






In addition to the above training expenses, AOTS will cover medical expenses in accordance with the relevant AOTS regulations.



Participants should apply to AOTS by submitting the following documents to reach the ISI projects Department, AOTS, Japan by 28 February 2006 at the latest:

(1).         AOTS Training Application Form (Annex 1)

(2).         2 copies of a photo (3.5 ¡Á 4.5 cm)

(3).         Medical Check Sheet (Annex 2)

(4).         1 copy of a brochure of the applicant¡¯s company/organization

(5).         1 photocopy of a passport, an election card, a driver¡¯s license or any other identification document issued by a public organization in the applicant¡¯s country containing, in Roman letters, the applicant¡¯s name in full, a photo of the applicant and his/her home address.

(6).         Consent Form of Overseas Travel Insurance (Annex 3)

(7).         Pre-Training Report (Annex 4)[A1] 



For further information, please contact:


Ms. Toshie Taga, Manager, ISI Projects Department

Mr. Izuru Yamamoto, Staff in charge of this program, ISI Projects Department

The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship [AOTS]

5-1, Fukuura 1-chome, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236-0004, Japan

Tel: 81-45-786-9680 Fax: 81-45-786-9680



(For Lawyers)


Cambodia[A2] :

Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia

#10-11, St.180, Sangkat Beoung Raing, Phnom Penh,

Cambodia P.O. box:1587

Tel: +855-23-220-237

Fax: +855-23-213658



Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI)

Plaza Kebon Sirih, 2nd Floor, P2-14

Jl. Kebon Sirih No. 17-19

Jakarta 10340 - Indonesia

Tel: +62-21-391-5584

Fax: +62-21-392-7944




Lao PDR:

Lao Bar Association of the Lao PDR

P. O. Box 2157, Vientiane Capital

Tel: +856-21-990445¡«6/263450

Fax: +856-21-990446



Malaysian Bar Council

No. 13,15&17, Leboh Pasar Besar 50050 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +60-3-20313003

Fax: 60-3-20342825 / 20261313 / 20725818



Association of Mongolian Advocates

Baga Toiruu-15/1 Ulaanbaatar, 46 Mongolia

Tel: +976-11-326861 / 327491

Fax: +976-11-326861





Integrated Bar of the Philippines

IBP Building, No.15 Julia Vargas Avenue Ortigas Center,

Pasig City, Philippines

Tel: +63-2-631-3014

Fax: +63-2-634-4697



The Lawyers Council of Thailand
7/89 Mansion 10,
Rajdamnoen Avenue,
Pranakorn District,
Bangkok 10200 THAILAND.
Tel: (662) 629-1430

Fax: (662) 282-9907-8







Hochiminh Bar Association

104 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, DakaoWard, District 1,


Tel: +84-8-8222113






The Program on Commercial Arbitration for Asian Countries¡¡[ASCA]

17-21 April 2006             AOTS Tokyo Kenshu Center



Morning Session (9:30-12:30)

Afternoon Session (13:30-16:30)

17 April



Orientation / Opening Ceremony


Introduction to the organization and activity of Japan Federation of Bar Associations  (JFBA)


Overview of International Commercial Arbitration

18 April



VISIT: Open Seminar on International Commercial Arbitration

-Can Japan become an Arbitration Center for Asia?

(Bar Associations Building)

VISIT: Open Seminar on International Commercial Arbitration

-Investment Treaty Arbitration

-Interpretation of Contracts in International Arbitration

(Bar Associations Building)

19 April


VISIT: Law Court

VISIT: JCAA  Arbitration Court

20 April




Petition for Arbitration and Appointment of Arbitrator



Arbitration Procedure


Applied Regulations in Arbitration



Arbitral Award and Enforcement

21 April



Discussion and Preparation of Final Report Presentation

Final Report Presentation

Evaluation of the Program

Closing Ceremony




1)         The above schedule is subject to change for the convenience of lecturers and cooperating organizations, or for other unavoidable reasons.

2)  Group discussions may be arranged as evening sessions

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